November Slot Races at the 888casino

Submitted by on Nov 1, 2017


888casino has introduced a brand new high-speed tournament, the Slot Races! In this competition, players can enjoy 888casino’s top Slot games while racing against other players in the bid to win as many points as possible. Each race has its own time limit and the player with the most points by the end of the race is the winner!

The Slot Races are great for high and low rollers alike because you don’t have to bet big to win. Points are not affected by bet amount, but by the ratio of bets and wins. Players who finish in top positions win fantastic rewards including FreePlay, Free Spins, Bonuses and even Cash prizes!

Players can follow their progress during the race on the Race Leaderboard panel on the screen in real-time.

Registering to a race is free and easy. The player needs to log in to 888casino, look for the Slot Races Lobby, select “Join” for a race of their choice and get ready for the thrill!

Visit the 888casino now – cross the finish line and enjoy great prizes!

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